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I am all gaga about and fascinated by Indian Corporate Sector. This fascination of mine has prompted me to name my blog as India Inc. Exclusive. I have mostly plan to write about Pharma,Biotech and Life sciences related stuffs whether be Marketing or market research or crucial bio-related information. In future I would love to ramify into different other domains. Hope you have great time reading my posts and above all my effort would be edification of everybody in the simplest possible way...

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  1. great stuff, Mani. The thing is one does not need to be the owner of a company to know whether he is doing right or wrong, anybody incuding us , students and employees, can understand the difference between trading your employees work for money and manipulating your employee cause he has no other go. Working for money is a trade for your effort, and just like no trader will bargain so much as to go into loss, the same way no employee can keep bargaining and put himself into loss.

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