The one thing that is evident in all the MNCs across India is that the attrition rate is high and everyday there is a new face at the work. Undoubtedly,the market has regained its vigour and vitality but the crucial issue is that employers are least bothered by this commotion as they know that a new crowd is definitely waiting out there to fill in for the leaving ones. Now, these are my personal views and I, with open arms, welcome views different from this..Actually, I will be glad if I get to hear a different story.

Sometimes ago a friend of mine reminded me of corporate ethics and cited a couple of examples to make me realize the paramountcy of corporate ethics. At that time, I was new to this corporate world and was sceptical about having an opinion that is so antagonistic to the dealings of many top MNCs, so I didn't bother much to fall for what all she was saying.. After 6 months and 5 days, I am ready to apologize to her and exclaim it out loud that I totally agree to what she had said about ethics and morality. I guess I have proved myself a simple mortal creature who does not shout till the nail actually pricks her.

Yes, you are right ;one of the reason behind the growing attrition rate is the unethical ways a company manages its dealings. When an institution or organization forgets the minimum simple discretion between the right and the wrong and thinks of only one thing "Big fat money", then a company is said to dwindle on corporate ethics. Why do people leave companies? Keeping aside the issues of marriages and re-locations, there are three important factors:-

A) They are not happy with the quality of job that they are doing.

B) There is no scope of growth within the organization.

C) The company pays you lower than what you deserve.

Now tell me one thing-the company is getting nice money for the services you are providing, then why the hell will it think of paying you good, giving you better opportunities or helping you move the ladder? Don't you understand they have stabbed the moral thing within them? They have..Yes dude, they have,they think of immediate profits and fail to have a vision that could ensure long term employer-employee relations and also healthy profit that is far greater than the immediate ones. Putting an employee in a domain where he/she can give better productivity, paying them thoughtfully that would ensure employees' long term relationships with their organizations and above all, allowing(sorry for writing helping before, because it's more of allowing than helping) the employees to grow and contribute-all these things are behind an opaque wall thorough which the employers cannot see the issues.. Every institution succeeds by a Win-win scenario but I dare you if you can make this get into their heads without letting your jobs in jeopardy.

There definitely are organizations, mostly the off-shore based ones, that understand what ethics are and have followed those values till date; that is the reason they have grown into big corporate giants today and would continue to grow because they know something-they know that the company functions because of the employees. If the employees are happy and satisfied(Satisfaction comes from an enriching pay and justified, high quality work),they give better output and that brings prosperity to both the company and those working there. A simple concept.

I just hope this article of mine enlightens the minds of the employers. I want them not to be oblivious of these issues and take a moral stand in their activities to ensure everyons's good. As the phrase goes "Live and let live" so does my personal belief "Grow and let grow".


1 Comment Posted by Manishree Bhattacharya Wednesday, June 2, 2010 at 8:14 AM

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